Terminologies Edit

There many terms that was taught and used throughout the series by Na Hwang Jae.

Conquer your fear Edit

Most guy feels stiff, nervous and fidgety when they surround by women and cause the fear of women (gynophobia). This atmosphere causes guys to display over exaggerated behavior and want to stay away from women. By overcome this fear, you need to create yourself a confident and charming, not mean about appearance but everything mix together.

AA (Approach Anxiety ) Edit

Fear is a non-existence element however, it is about distance. Naturally, everyone will keep some distance from strangers and that's where FEAR comes from that misunderstanding. You need to overcome your own insecurity and fears which will serve as first step. Don't be too much in hurry.

IOI (Indicator of interest)

IOD (Indicator of disinterest)

DHV (Demonstration of High Value)

CT (Compliance test)

SOI (Statement of interest)

AMOG (Alpha Male of the Group)

AFC (Average Frustrated Chump)