Jang Sung-GiEdit

Yura tricks him so that he will pay for her food and fun stuff. However, after a while she reveals that she just use him and this cause Sung-Gi almost suicide. However, before Sea Na, Sung-Gi is indeed truly in love with Yura and attract to her. He is willing to do everything for her as long as she can be happy. Though, she reveals her true self, Sung-Gi still think about her and afraid she will be angry.

Na Hwang JaeEdit

After the recuse at club, Yura begins the question if he is really Hwang-Jae she sees at club that night but also attract to him in the process. It goes to the point that she sees Hwang-Jae's fart as manly and cool. She mysteriously care for him as she left the medicine and food for him.

An Sea Na Edit

Yura shows envy and jealous to Sea Na possible due to beauty and popularity in class.

Han Bum-Man Edit

They see each other a few times in class and Bum-Man views her as "another prey". Later she punches him as he accidentally grab her breasts.