Lee Yura
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Name Lee Yura
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Gender Female
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Lee Yura is a student at Granda Cram School. She is popular due to her stunning beauty and is the first girl that Jang Sung-Gi developed feelings for.

Appearance Edit

Yura is considered to be one of the most beautiful female students in "Mixed Class A". She has short blonde hair She is normally seen wearing an outer shirt that seems cover her sexy clothes.

Personality Edit

Yura acts lovely and cute in front of the boy she wants to seduce. However, Yura's trueself is dark and full of hate. She views boys as idiotic, horny monkeys and wants them to suffer.

Yura later seems calms down and slowly changes her view after being rescued by Na Hwang Jae. Her personality takes a positive change, as she develops feelings for him and is seen secretly leaving medicine for Na Hwang Jae, when he had diarrhoea.

Plot Edit

Not much know about Yura's past, only that her ex-boyfriend used her as a fun toy. This caused her to hate all boys and begin her path of "playing with a boys heart".

As the series start, She encountered Jang Sung-Gi in the train to school. He accidentally face plants her chest while he gets up from his seat on the train. As he apologies he accidentally touches another girls breast, this caused her to brand him as pervert and beats him up. The following day, while she is using her locker she is suddenly groped by Sung-Gi which look as a sexual act. On realizing that he was trying to save her, she forgives him but the truth is she wants him to be her errand boy. Sung-Gi is planning to do everything to make her happy even he does not have anything for lunch nor dinner. However, she later tells him that she just playing with him cause Sung-Gi almost suicide.

Shortly after, she appears again and wants to be together with Sung-Gi. Upon realize she comes back not in a good purpose Hwang-Jae warn Sung-Gi and tells him to reject her using "lesson 10-negative". After the event, Yura are angry and goes to club where Hwang-Jae is there but she does not recognize him. Before her depart she encounter and playboy but got rescued by Hwang-Jae and takes her to his home but also puke on his head in the process.

Yura later wakes up half nake and about to blame Hwang-Jae and Sung-Gi but only realize what had happened last night. A few day later after give back the shirt to Hwang-Jae, she also mysteriously put the food in front of the Hwang-Jae's door. Because of the foods, Hwang-Jae's stomach gotten worse but she also mysteriously bring the medicine to him.

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